Equity Cell

Indian Institute of Information Technology Senapati, Manipur

The Equity Cell was established in the year of 2018 to provide equal opportunity to the members from different backgrounds. The primary objective of the Equity Cell is to ensure that all members of IIIT Senapati, Manipur should avail equal opportunity and benefits. Specifically for students, the cell ensures that students perform well academically and achieve their aftermath goals, such as, securing good jobs and enter postgraduate courses according to their choice, suited to their capabilities, and in line with the education they have received. Among other objectives, to protect and address the needs and concerns of women students/staffs of IIIT Senapati, Manipur and to make the campus physically, socially and gender friendly.
EAP Coordinator Dr. Kabita Thaoroijam (kabita@iiitmanipur.ac.in)